e-Poster Walks

All presenters of an e-Posters can find further details to the location of their presentation on the right hand side.


We recommend to check your e-Poster prior to your presentation in one of the three e-Poster Areas (located in each of the three Exhibition Halls).

There you can call up your submitted e-Poster. This is the view you will see when presenting. So this is your chance to go through your presentation once more. Please keep an eye on the presentation time as it is limited. The chairperson will interrupt you if you exceed your time slot.


Please be at the e-Poster Screen at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the session.

During the presentation you will have a small touch screen monitor to work with and the audience will have the same view on the big screen.

The remaining presentation time will be clearly visible for you on your screen as an orientation.


The presentations will take place in the second level (Level 2) within the congress centre.

There are in total 9 e-Poster Walk Screens.

You can download the level map with the screen positions here:
Level Map with e-Poster Screens


Each presenter of an e-Poster Walk (E-PW or E-TPW) did receive on October 8 an email with the respective presentation details.

You can look up the e-Poster Walk Number and its corresponding e-Poster Walk Screen Number hereunder.
e-Poster Screens and its corresponding e-Poster Walk Numbers

e-poster Walk at the EANM’16 Congress

e-poster Walk at the EANM’16 Congress