EANM Young Daily Forum

The EANM Young Daily Forum is the ideal platform for all young talents attending the EANM congress. The EANM Young Daily Forum consists of a series of lunch-time sessions open to all participants, particularly those who are at the beginning of their career.

Each 1.5 hours’ time slot (Sunday-Tuesday, 13.00-14.30) will focus on a different topic, moderated in an interactive way by the professional facilitator Roy Sheppard. Participants will not only benefit from Roy’s vast experience as moderator and speaker, but will also have the opportunity to get to know new people in a relaxed atmosphere. Participation is free for everyone registered to the EANM Annual Congress.


Sunday, October 22, 2017 , Hall F1

13:00-14:30 Young Daily Forum Presentation Skills Workshop Moderator: Roy Sheppard


The key to successful presentations is more than applying solid research methods, working hard and achieving outstanding results. Preparing the right things will be as important as handling heated discussions after your presentation. Back by popular demand, the Presentation Skills Workshop will give you an insight into the secrets of delivering powerful and effective presentations.

Monday, October 23, 2017 , Hall F1

13:00-14:30 Young Daily Forum Networking
How to Build Professional Relationships
Moderator: Roy Sheppard


In times of global connectivity, the value of your personal network cannot be overrated. You are attending events to meet new people and to expand your professional network, but you still feel uncomfortable talking to strangers and cannot remember people’s names? Or do you not consider yourself as talented ‘networker’ at all? In any case, this workshop will be the right one for you to attend.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 , Hall F1

13:00-14:30 Young Daily Forum Be stronger
Mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually
Moderator: Roy Sheppard


Are you constantly pushing yourself harder and harder to ‘keep up’ with your daily business? Do you regularly feel overwhelmed and stressed? Then you need new strategies, practical ideas and simple-to-adopt techniques which will make you more resilient and help you to cope more effectively with your current levels of stress and workload. Learn how to fully recharge your batteries and develop your personal root-system, that will keep you strong and flexible.